Well.. My first post

My first post you see, will be pretty dang sucky. I just want to introduce myself and how it is I came across my love for art!

To start off, I’ve always loved “the arts.” Music has always been my favorite thing and I have always appreciated art. Graphic design, paintings, knitting, etc. etc.. A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to start my own little projects. I took a trip to Michael’s and decided that I would buy a pair of knitting needles and some yarn so that I could knit some scarves. I did knit some scarves! For five months..

About a year later once I realized knitting was too boring for me, I decided to take another trip to Michael’s to start embroidering. I definitely enjoyed it and would still love to continue embroidering but again, it was too boring to be doing all the time. Needless to say, I finished one embroidery hoop project and still never finished my second.

Five months after my embroidery phase, I decided to again take another trip to Michael’s. I decided this time, to get a cheap set of watercolors, a $6 set of paintbrushes, and a small watercolor paper pad. I didn’t end up trying watercolor until about a month after I bought those supplies and when I did, I painted myself a Harry Potter bookmark. I absolutely loved painting. I still wasn’t sure if this was just another art phase of mine until I continued to keep painting.

Many paintings later, about 15 trips to Blick, and much money sent on supplies (lol), I am still here painting and loving it more and more every time I do! If you actually read this, thank you for taking the time out to support me and my art adventures!