Why I’m actually excited about this fall semester

I’ve been in college for two years now. I’ve gone from majoring in history to majoring in early childhood education to then contemplating just about 20 other majors and hating all of them.

I couldn’t seem to find my “passion” that apparently everyone miraculously finds their first or second year of college. You see, art to me was always just a hobby, not something that I could make a career out of oh no! Growing up I always heard “you’ll be a starving artist!” And “you’ll never find work!” But the more I have researched the more untrue those statements are.

It wasn’t until about two weeks ago I was talking to a friends grandmother, let’s call her Katherine, (she’s super cool), that I realized my passion was art. Katherine was asking me about what I was going to college for and what I wanted to do with my life when I reluctantly told her I had quit halfway through this semester because I had no idea what I wanted to do. I told her that I can’t find my calling and that until I do I’m not going back to school. Well can you believe what Katherine said? “I know exactly what your passion is.” I was freaking dumbfounded. How could she know when I didn’t? Katherine proceeded to say, “your face lights up like I’ve never seen before when you talk about art. That’s what your passion is.”

The past few weeks I have been researching schools and programs and I won’t bore you with the details but I finally realized graphic design is what I want to do with my life.

So for the first time of my college career I am truly excited for the upcoming semester! I am officially going to start my journey as a graphic design major!


My Favorite Supplies

Here are a few of my favorite supplies and why I love them! All of these are my own opinions as to why they are my favorite!
1. Dr PH Martins Concentrated Watercolors
PH Martins watercolors are by far the best I have ever used. They are the most pigmented and concentrated watercolors. You only need one or two drops to get the desired amount. If the amount of pigment is too much, all you have to do is add water as with any watercolors! PH Martins watercolors run for about $7.50 at Blick and the fact that you only have to use a few drops makes these the most bang for your buck!
2. Dr PH Martins Bombay India Ink
I should just be sponsored by PH Martins honestly! I absolutely love these inks and I cannot lie! Again, these inks are super pigmented and a little goes a long way! For  $3.49 each at Blick you can’t beat the price!
3. Winsor and Newton Gold and Silver Inks
While these inks are rather pricy, $11.49 for the gold ink and $10.49 for the silver ink, they are such beautiful inks that add an amazing touch to your paintings. They give an amazing glow to any paintings who need a little “extra.”
4. Masking Fluid
Masking fluid is liquid latex that smells absolutely horrible. Make sure to open your windows and doors because the warning label can give you quite a scare! “Exposure may cause brain damage and birth defects..” and all that good stuff. While masking fluid is a pain in the butt to use it really does help. Just paint it over places you want to keep un-painted, paint over it, and peel it off with your finger and there you have negative space!
5. Micron Pens
These are my favorite pens to do line drawings with! They write so smooth, don’t bleed through, and have many tip options! My personal favorites are the 03 and 01 tips. These pens run for $2.23 at Blick and are totally worth it!
6. Brushes Brushes Brushes
Boy this is a hard one. My first favorite Brushes were the Winsor and Newton University series which are definitely amazing brushes! Then I moved on to loving the W&N watercolor brushes that I again still love BUT my new favorite brushes are the Utrecht watercolor brushes simply for the fact that they are extremely similar to the W&N ones but a lot less expensive!
So please, share your favorites and ideas in the comments as I would love to hear them all!

Well.. My first post

My first post you see, will be pretty dang sucky. I just want to introduce myself and how it is I came across my love for art!

To start off, I’ve always loved “the arts.” Music has always been my favorite thing and I have always appreciated art. Graphic design, paintings, knitting, etc. etc.. A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to start my own little projects. I took a trip to Michael’s and decided that I would buy a pair of knitting needles and some yarn so that I could knit some scarves. I did knit some scarves! For five months..

About a year later once I realized knitting was too boring for me, I decided to take another trip to Michael’s to start embroidering. I definitely enjoyed it and would still love to continue embroidering but again, it was too boring to be doing all the time. Needless to say, I finished one embroidery hoop project and still never finished my second.

Five months after my embroidery phase, I decided to again take another trip to Michael’s. I decided this time, to get a cheap set of watercolors, a $6 set of paintbrushes, and a small watercolor paper pad. I didn’t end up trying watercolor until about a month after I bought those supplies and when I did, I painted myself a Harry Potter bookmark. I absolutely loved painting. I still wasn’t sure if this was just another art phase of mine until I continued to keep painting.

Many paintings later, about 15 trips to Blick, and much money sent on supplies (lol), I am still here painting and loving it more and more every time I do! If you actually read this, thank you for taking the time out to support me and my art adventures!